Thursday, 15 March 2018

STCPod #176 - A Brief History of Time

How does a special record on Happy Pi Day gets us talking about 3D movies?  Joe clears off his PVR and breaks his TV. We talk black holes, Stephen Hawking and how stupid we are.  Can we pull off a Lord of the Rings marathon?  Why are cats pricks? Joe loses a car seat but starts playing the guitar again. Bill talks about the Rolling Stone documentary he made Joe listen to and Thor is funny.  All this and much more! Enjoy!

  • Why is Bill late for the record
  • Happy Pi day
  • Life of Pi movie / 3D movies
  • Clearing off the PVR
  • Joe's TV is broke
  • Barrie Game Exchange
  • Stephen Hawking passes
  • Lord of the Rings marathon
  • Kids and the March Break
  • Cats are pricks
  • No more car seat
  • Joe starts playing guitar again
  • Blues Traveller and harmonicas
  • Concert memories
  • Rolling Stone documentary on HBO
  • Thor Ragnarok is funny

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