Thursday, 18 January 2018

STCPod #168 - Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year

The year is starting off Bright for us as we thank everyone for giving us the Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year Award. Everything else is the same though as we discuss beans and gas, Joe gets an eyefull of sauna nudity, what a pain Shoppers Rewards can be and much, much more. Enjoy!

  • Falling asleep before the show
  • Beans, beans the musical fruit
  • Sending our thanks for becoming Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year
  • New categories for next years show
  • Grey chest hair
  • Sauna nudity
  • High school orientation night
  • Barrie Game Exchange
  • Hand sin my pocket
  • Bill "finishes" Mario Odyssey
  • Bills Shoppers Super Saver event
  • Eating Nerds like a horse
  • The glasses have arrived
  • Strikeback is back on HBO
  • Will Smith bring Will Smith in Bright

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