Thursday, 25 January 2018

STCPod #169 - Falling Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

The Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year 2017 is back for another week and we win a contest, vomit up some smoked salmon, air-dry some balls, get disgusted at Star Wars Eps 2 and fall down a rabbit hole. Enjoy!

  • Why won't Bill just tell Joe who won The Polykill contest?
  • Joe and his smoked salmon
  • Air-drying balls
  • Joe's is disgusted having to show his kids Star Wars Epsiode 2
  • Joe watches Avatar for the 1st time
  • Bill button mashes his way through Mario Odyssey
  • Stumbling down the YouTube rabbit hole
  • Where did Bill disappear to on his birthday weekend?

Thursday, 18 January 2018

STCPod #168 - Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year

The year is starting off Bright for us as we thank everyone for giving us the Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year Award. Everything else is the same though as we discuss beans and gas, Joe gets an eyefull of sauna nudity, what a pain Shoppers Rewards can be and much, much more. Enjoy!

  • Falling asleep before the show
  • Beans, beans the musical fruit
  • Sending our thanks for becoming Cartridge Club Podcast of the Year
  • New categories for next years show
  • Grey chest hair
  • Sauna nudity
  • High school orientation night
  • Barrie Game Exchange
  • Hand sin my pocket
  • Bill "finishes" Mario Odyssey
  • Bills Shoppers Super Saver event
  • Eating Nerds like a horse
  • The glasses have arrived
  • Strikeback is back on HBO
  • Will Smith bring Will Smith in Bright

Thursday, 11 January 2018

STCPod #167 - Looking To The Skies For A Discovery

This week Joe decides to tackle Crimson Skies on the Xbox because he saw Musty playing it, even though Bill told him to try it years ago.  We have a massive argument over Star Trek : Discovery and shows in general. Bill reads some listeners comments and Joe debunks them. Joe tries to teach Bill some math and Bill tells Joe how he pictures what his life is like. Enjoy!

  • One of us keeps on stirring the pot
  • Joe tackles Crimson Skies for Xbox because he saw Musty play it
  • Forza Bill!
  • We argue over Star Trek : Discovery
  • Listener comments responded to
  • More Joe Math
  • Bill thinks Joe lives his life like a soap opera set

Thursday, 4 January 2018

STCPod #166 - Back In The Black for 2018

As we put all that was 2017 behind us, we take a look at 2018 with a new light and determination to do things differently.  Joe discusses some medical tests he had to go through, and we try to figure out how to change our buying and selling habits from the past year. Enjoy!


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