Friday, 29 September 2017

STCPod #152 - A Star Trek Discovery Sleepover

The boys of STC gives their thoughts on the recent series premiere of Star Trek : Discovery. 
Joe goes against the wishes of Bill by grabbing himself a new game system.
Plus, we find out what happened during the STCPod sleepover.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

STCPod #151 - Did Something Happened To You In A 3D Theatre?

  • Falling asleep before recording
  • The Orville Eps #2
  • Show open
  • Promo
  • Joe trivia - Lord of the Rings Edition
  • Why Joe won't share his Lego with his kids
  • Why hard wired controllers
  • Putting away the Xbox 360 because there is just nothing for it
  • Giving a Destiny PS4 to a thrift store
  • Thrifting stories
  • ebGames trade ins
  • Filmdango
  • Searching for a PS Vita
  • Wanting the Sega Master System
  • Did something happened to me in a 3D theatre 
  • A few new podcasts we're listening to

Thursday, 14 September 2017

STCPod #150 - The Orville Discussion

We're back with another milestone episode and we get excited about a brand new show on TV. Joe complains about not having enough podcasts to listen to. One of us gets sick at a party and Bill falls on the floor after getting a shocking invite. Enjoy!!

  • Hitting another milestone
  • "Uh....what is Nintendo Direct?"
  • Apple iPhone
  • Show open
  • Joe needing more audio shows to listen to
  • Flogging merchandise
  • The Orville discussion
  • Getting sick at a party
  • Bill gets floored when Joe invites him to sleep over
  • Watching Whiplash

Thursday, 7 September 2017

STCPod #149 - Some Coffee and Coming of Age

  • Another reason why Joe is a real man and Bill isn't
  • Love in a 80's elevators
  • Arguing on how to make a coffee
  • Show opening
  • Arguing where the in-show promo should go
  • Giving up on watching Luke Cage
  • Our kids are back to school
  • Snowbirds flyby
  • If Bill was in charge things would be different on the 1st day of school
  • Bill's afraid to admit he had a stroke
  • Joe's trimming his collection down
  • Having some Buyer and Seller issues
  • Arguing about "coming of age" films
  • American Graffiti
  • Siri fails Joe again