Thursday, 10 August 2017

STCPod #145 - Find Out What Spiderman, Bananas and Stonecutters Have In Common

  • Our new motto
  • Sucking back some wine gums
  • Recapping last weeks crossover episode
  • Excited for the upcoming Barrie Game Exchange
  • Why does Bill have a secret Stonecutter's ring and Joe doesn't?
  • Quick trivia on where certain people live
  • Commercial break
  • Joe tries to explain his camping at Algonquin Provincial Park
  • The Group of Seven
  • Bill sees Spiderman Homecoming and we discuss it (non-spoiler)
  • Joe goes on a Marissa Tomei tangent
  • Bill gives his opinion on Dunkirk
  • Joe watches The Lost Boys and No Country For Old Men
  • Multiple Star Trek convention videos on YouTube
  • We discuss some Next Generation

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