Friday, 4 August 2017

STCPod #144 - When Worlds Collide: The Crossover Episode!

It's the first STC/T&B Crossover Episode! Finally we get 'M' from the Transformers and Beer podcast on the Start To Continue podcast! Bill easily bonded with M over our many Joe frustrations and Joe observations and couldn't help but make this a double sized episode of goodness.

This episode will simultaneously release as ep 122 of the Transformers and Beer Podcast.
  • Special show opening
  • What's new/pickups
  • "M" picks up MPM-3 Masterpiece Movie Series Bumblebee
  • Listener question "MP-10 is starting to feel old. Do we think think figure will be the last hurrah for this mold?  What would we like to see in the future?"
  • Listener question "How did "M" first meet Joe?"
  • Whatever happened to stonewash jeans and jean jackets?
  • Beast Wars S01E19 " Call of the Wild" discussion
  • Ditch findings and more

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