Thursday, 27 July 2017

STCPod #143 - Being A Baller Mean Gastric Explosions, Oil Changes and Tire Rotations

  • Cryptic intro
  • Oral and gastric explosion stories
  • Bill's late night
  • Oil changes and tire rotations
  • Joe's office cleaning
  • Bill gets humbles by Tetris DS
  • (non-spoilers) Game of Thrones, Ballers and Preacher
  • Bill quizzes Joe on Twilight trivia
  • Finishing some games
  • Why won't Joe play certain games
  • Game table setup

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Bill's 1940s Astatic WR-20 Microphone Discovery and Restoration

Its true.  STCPOD.COM used to actually have written blog posts.  They enlightened readers on nostalgic tv shows, interesting tidbits on everyday life, and comings and goings of your favourite podcasters.  However the last post was AGES ago!  I apologize.  While I can't guarantee any kind of regularity I can at least offer this... A NEW BLOG POST!

A few months ago while #ThriftinWithBill, I came across what looked like an authentic old school microphone, sitting on a desk mount and brutally covered in uneven spray paint.  For some reason the thrift store pricers didn't notice the value in anique microphones and put an incredible deal of price of $4.99 on it.  I spotted it as soon as it rolled out on a cart from the backroom.  I grabbed this and a real Mego Batman coin bank before any of the regular sharks cruising down the aisles could get to it.

The Microphone is a Canadian variant Astatic WR-20 Dual-Diaphragm Crystal Cartridge Mic.  From the the early 1940s, the retail price was around $30.  Crystal microphones, while still a heavy price back in the day, offered a more economical option to the Ribbon mics found in early sound stages.  This particular one also had the optional on/off switch attached at the base of the mic.

Like all good thrifting finds, condition is everything.  Normally when I find an old piece, I would much rather it show its age than be restored to showroom condition.  However this piece didn't even offer that.  The grill had been spray painted over.  The fabric inside, also covered in paint, was thin and tearing.  The frame had tape residue and dirt.  This thing had been through a few wild times in its day!  The saving grace was that nothing was bent or dented and the chrome was complete and chip free.  So no, this couldn't be displayed like this.  The only option was to restore!


Thursday, 20 July 2017

STCPod #142 - We Are All Passengers

  • Another late start
  • Joe finally fixed his mic
  • Bill is angry at Joe for taking some vacation time
  • Promo
  • We watch Passengers
  • We watch The Fate of the Furious
  • Joe bum rushes Silicon Valley Season 4
  • We watch the return of Game of Thrones (non-spoiler)
  • Yard sale pickup video from Bill
  • Google is coming to your home
  • Restaurant stories

Thursday, 13 July 2017

STCPod #141 - Raging Over Spilt Milk and Independence Day

  • Figuring out how to work and price a table at a game show
  • Raging over spilt milk
  • Does Joe's 5 year old need a nap still?
  • Independence Day sequel is no good but Bill thinks there could be great stories there
  • We talked about some things here but I don't remember what so you'll just have to listen
  • Bill tests Joe on some Hardy Boys trivia

Thursday, 6 July 2017

STCPod #140 - What Transpired At A Bob Dylan Concert & Text Wars

  • Another late show start thanks to Bill
  • Text message wars
  • In-show promo
  • Bill congratulates Transformers and Beer Podcast
  • Bill takes his daughter to the Bob Dylan concert and what happened there
  • Bill grills Joe on Star Trek : The Next Generation trivia
  • Joe tells of a recent Kijiji sale hassle