Thursday, 29 June 2017

STCPod #139 - Taking a Vacation, Kid's 1st and Some Outrageousness

  • Joe does his job discovering bad audio and so the show restarts
  • Why is Bill not telling Joe he got emails about component cables
  • Cartridge Club BBQ
  • Bill leaves Joe in the lurch and takes 2 weeks vacation
  • Bill taking his kid to the Bob Dylan concert
  • Joe is taking his kids to their 1st Jays game
  • Bill reminisces about working at the SkyDome
  • Bill blows the surprise about the Dollar Dorks
  • Joe watches 3 bad movies in a row
  • Remembering Stephen Kings' Christine
  • Dark Tower trailer
  • Joe's son graduates Senior Kindergarten
  • Bill's outrageous yardsale pickups
  • Transformers Mail-Away box craziness returns

Thursday, 22 June 2017

STCPod #138 - The Fashion Police and Dirty Limericks

  • #KeepJoeAlive update
  • Limp wristed yuppie
  • Intro
  • What kids are wearing at school nowadays
  • Trouble training kids to ride without training wheels
  • Dollar Dorks
  • Yard sale / thrifting pickups
  • Bill recommends Veep


Logo remaster courtesy of Ryan O'Reilly @ryanovision

Thursday, 15 June 2017

STCPod Eps 137 - Movies That Only Get Better & E3 2017 Thoughts

  • Someone is cranky
  • The rematch of Logan doesn't hold up
  • Movies that get better the more you see them
  • Joe can't keep his hands off of himself
  • E3 thought and some games that interest us
  • Joe's sleep appointment is in progress

Thursday, 8 June 2017

STCPodcast ep136 - Our Thoughts on Sgt Pepper's 50th, Soundgarden and Gregg Allman...while shirtless?

  • Our first ever shirtless record
  • Joe had to call into work sick
  • Selling Wii's like hotcakes
  • Congrats to NJ retro on his new addition
  • Joe saw Logan and his thoughts
  • Movie documentaries
  • Memories of Soundgarden
  • Bill's Gregg Allman tribute
  • Beatles Sgt. Peppers 50th Anniversary discussion

Friday, 2 June 2017

STCPod #135 - Telling A Good Story While Deadpool and Logan Double-Team Tiffany

  • Joe sings the next big hit song about Bill
  • Bill congratulates Joe on doing his first ever solo podcast record
  • Bill goes crazy again over Joe displaying his brown boxed Mail-Away Optimus Prime
  • Joe leaves to resolve a crying issue and Bill goes deep trying to analyze Joe
  • Bill gives his version of a story....and then Joe tells the actual story
  • Bill recommends watching Logan to Joe