Tuesday, 30 August 2016

ColecoVision: Cleaning and Tear Down UPDATED!

If you watched the latest Start To Continue Pickup Video on our YouTube channel you saw a barn fresh ColecoVision revealed along with a table top Pac Man console.  Here's the refresher:

Pictures were promised on the clean up of this very, very, dirty and roached out ColecoVision so here they are.  Can it be saved?  Will it work?  You be the judge!

As found...full of leaves and debris but luckily no dead animals

Cracked it open. 8 screws in the bottom removed.  There are 3 screws under the front flashing but they don't need to be removed if you can pry the bottom down and away from the top.  It will eventually pop open.

The RF Shield looking quite tarnished and rusty

Rust everywhere

Shield removed, board revealed. Dirt everywhere.  Heat sink laying loose

RF Box is a marbleized tarnish

Power switch is very coarse and tight
After vacuumed out, I said screw it, lets plug this this thing and see what happens. Nothing at all happened at first, however after giggling the power switch back and forth, I found the sweet spot and boom...

The splash screen popped up.  Crazy.  It's not good, but its something!  It didn't know a cartridge was in it so I powered it off, cleaned the cart again, shoved it in and out a bunch of times, re-giggled the power switch and....

Of all the giggling this is the best picture I could get out of it.  It was playable and I could at least confirm the paddles still work which is so shocking because the pins in the ports were rusted too!

Enough is enough and put it back together

That power switch is seized now big time!

Ready to go! Who wants it??
If you prefer, full rez photos are availabe here: STCDrive

Update: Guessing this is beyond my tech patience level, I loaded this beast up and took it to my local Retro Video Game Store to see if they would offer anything.  I was hoping for $30.  I showed them the pictures of the video output and the inside of the unit and they were comfortable offering me $45 cash or $75 in trade.  Yippee!  I took trade as I needed some of their overpriced Genesis 1 hookups. 

Goodbye Coleco Vision! I hope to come across one of your working brothers in the near future!  May all your guts be replaced and may you be put back on the shelf for $300....

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