Thursday, 16 June 2016

STCPod #89 - Transient Mic Failures, #Fabrications & Air Show Hauppauges

  • Joe's mic blows up and he has a fit
  • Talking about Don Rickles' and his Late Night appearance
  • The Shelf Cast Podcast gets good reviews
  • Fandango ball-bustin'...a give and take
  • Bill's controller display dilemma
  • #FandangoFabrications
  • Strategizing for the Barrie Game Exchange
  • Bill's podcast guest appearance
  • Congratulating Retro Nonsense for 200 subscribers
  • Thanking Mighty Q Dawg for his appearance
  • It's a transient failure people
  • What Joe does at a Toronto Blue Jays game
  • Bill's internship story
  • Bill goes to the air show
  • It's a Hauppauge!
  • Another Kijiji pickup for Bill
  • Remembering Gordie Howe

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