Friday, 10 June 2016

STCPod #88 - In The Q Dawg House

Eric, aka Mighty Q Dawg sits in with the boys of STCPod as we talk about Sega, game store credit issues, more Waterloo stories and some sexy talk. Enjoy!

  • A warm welcome to our guest
  • What have we been up to?
  • If 66 Amibos fall and no one is around, do they make a sound?
  • "Gonna get me some" Master System import games
  • Is the #1Console Challenge getting old for some people
  • How is Joe's sleep schedule going?
  • Bill says FU to his grass
  • Mighty Q Dawg's recent lack of purchases
  • Bill's game stores' trade-in credit rules
  • What other secrets are listed on the Q Dawg gamer spreadsheets?
  • Q Dawg's listens to what podcast?
  • One final Waterloo Game Swap story
  • We pry Eric with some personal questions
  • Parents punishing kids by taking them to yard sales
  • STCPod recommends two new shows : Preacher and Outcast
  • The passing of Muhammad Ali; Joe recommends watching When We Were Kings
  • Discussing Cartridge Club GOM : Sonic the Hedgehog

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