Thursday, 30 June 2016

STCPod #91 - Recounting An Airshow and Losing Ones Virginity

The boys of STCPod are back Tiffany style, talking about another recent airshow, how one of them lost their virginity and reaping some gaming charma. Enjoy!

  • Joe blames Bill for all of his microphone issues
  • Bill goes back to the farm and recounts his second airshow of the year for us
  • Joe stops by the Toronto airport with his kids on the way to a party
  • When will Siri be able to answer a question on the show for us?
  • STCPod recommendation to watch; "Jetstream" on Discovery Channel
  • Show opening
  • What was with the Fandango delay?
  • Joe recounts losing his virginity.......yard-saling that is
  • Cousin Luke comes through again
  • Open invitation to Bill's house after the next Barrie Game Exchange for a BBQ

Thursday, 23 June 2016

STCPod #90 - The Yard Sale Bully & The Cowboy Kid

The boys are back with another Tiffany episode discussing some yard sale stories, helpful cousins, getting "Hodged" and how to get Joe to host a BBQ for gamers. Enjoy!

  • Show open
  • Microphone issues again but staying calm this time
  • Cousin Chuck comes through for the boys of STCPod
  • Going RF Single Bananas
  • Bill's yard sale stories
  • #BeenHodged
  • Snobby Transformers community vs crazy gamers community
  • A game swap is no place for a 4 yr old

Thursday, 16 June 2016

STCPod #89 - Transient Mic Failures, #Fabrications & Air Show Hauppauges

  • Joe's mic blows up and he has a fit
  • Talking about Don Rickles' and his Late Night appearance
  • The Shelf Cast Podcast gets good reviews
  • Fandango ball-bustin'...a give and take
  • Bill's controller display dilemma
  • #FandangoFabrications
  • Strategizing for the Barrie Game Exchange
  • Bill's podcast guest appearance
  • Congratulating Retro Nonsense for 200 subscribers
  • Thanking Mighty Q Dawg for his appearance
  • It's a transient failure people
  • What Joe does at a Toronto Blue Jays game
  • Bill's internship story
  • Bill goes to the air show
  • It's a Hauppauge!
  • Another Kijiji pickup for Bill
  • Remembering Gordie Howe

Friday, 10 June 2016

STCPod #88 - In The Q Dawg House

Eric, aka Mighty Q Dawg sits in with the boys of STCPod as we talk about Sega, game store credit issues, more Waterloo stories and some sexy talk. Enjoy!

  • A warm welcome to our guest
  • What have we been up to?
  • If 66 Amibos fall and no one is around, do they make a sound?
  • "Gonna get me some" Master System import games
  • Is the #1Console Challenge getting old for some people
  • How is Joe's sleep schedule going?
  • Bill says FU to his grass
  • Mighty Q Dawg's recent lack of purchases
  • Bill's game stores' trade-in credit rules
  • What other secrets are listed on the Q Dawg gamer spreadsheets?
  • Q Dawg's listens to what podcast?
  • One final Waterloo Game Swap story
  • We pry Eric with some personal questions
  • Parents punishing kids by taking them to yard sales
  • STCPod recommends two new shows : Preacher and Outcast
  • The passing of Muhammad Ali; Joe recommends watching When We Were Kings
  • Discussing Cartridge Club GOM : Sonic the Hedgehog

Friday, 3 June 2016

STCPod #87 - Waterloo Game Swap, Bad Math, Secrets & GAMETIME

  • Joe has no sense of American geography
  • Bill's weekend yard-sale pickups
  • Trying to explain the problem of doing yard-sales with kids
  • Bill forces Joe to retell his movie day "excuse"
  • Bill fills us in with all the details of what happened at the Waterloo Game Swap
  • Game Time With Kyle
  • Joe's curbside pickup
  • ebGames getting rid off all their kiosks?
  • Joe's watching Season 2 of Daredevil
  • Cartridge Club's Donkey Kong Podcast
  • Bill doesn't understand Joe's "Booey Math" for how he rated Donkey Kong Country
  • Why didn't Bill just pick up a game for Joe from Waterloo?
  • Leftover Bits Podcast has breaking news
  • Petitioning to get on Media Maven's podcast & to have Pam on ours