Friday, 18 March 2016

STCPod #76 - The Trouble With Superheros

  • A food free episode
  • Thanking GirlfriendVS
  • Paranoid about leaving audio drops when talking
  • Figuring out our show job titles
  • Rejecting a show name
  • Rejecting a movie recommendation
  • Show open
  • Our thoughts after watching Appleseed Alpha
  • Halfway through Mr. Robot
  • News on upcoming Luke Cage series
  • The trouble with superhero crossovers on shows
  • Last Man on Earth returns
  • Fake Beetlejuice 2 rumours
  • Thoughts on Ghostbusters trailer-redo
  • Joe's excited for Barrie Game Exchange 
  • Complaining about the #1Console Challenge
  • What games we're looking for at the show
  • Getting our XBox's modded by Kevin
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