Friday, 11 March 2016

STCPod #75 - Hollywood Dreaming

  • The passing of George Martin
  • Some great Bond songs
  • Joe gives up on wasting his life watching Fast & Furious 7
  • Our special guest joins us for this episode
  • Delving into Curtiss' new diggs
  • Friggin' #1Console Challenge !
  • The difficulty of retro gaming mentality
  • Curtiss plays game doctor to help Joe pick out a "good game"
  • Sega Genesis issues
  • Show open
  • Will Girlfriend be coming on the show? 
  • Hollywood secrets revealed
  • Life in Hollywood during the Oscars madness
  • Being able to vote on Hollywood Awards & getting screeners
  • Life in the Valley
  • Will STCPod be on Girlfriend VS?
  • How Girlfriend VS' Easter Eggs came to be
  • Fielding complaints from Fandango
  • Talking William Friedkin
  • A Curtiss-True Hollywood Story
  • Girlfriend VS' first date together
  • Talking Better Call Saul

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