Friday, 26 February 2016

STCPod #73 - Losin' It With Bill, Joe and Siri

  • Joe gets 2cm of snow and gets snowed in
  • Joe's doesn't use his snowblower so that it won't get dirty
  • Bill has given up on watching video game pickup videos
  • Dummy drivers in the winter time
  • Posting videos
  • Joe's Fantasy Baseball season is starting soon
  • Joe watched Grease LIVE....again
  • Show open
  • Barrie Game Exchange & lining up early for shows
  • Concert ticket prices
  • Bill up late playing Cartridge Club GOM Neir on Xbox 360
  • How we spent Family Day
  • Joe's all excited because he got some extra shelves for his bookcases
  • What went right with Wedding Crashers and not so right with The Internship
  • Walking Dead & Vikings return
  • Siri vs Google, again
  • Bill crowbars in Losin' It talk

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