Friday, 19 February 2016

STCPod #72 - Dōmo Arigatō, Mr. Roboto & Bad Garage Sale Etiquette

  • Bill's dumbfounded on how Joe is pampered
  • Shoutout to Tony & Derek aka The Two Dorks
  • Bill thanks Retro Fandango and we talk some Rambo
  • We argue over Conan O'Brien…..again
  • Coming of age films
  • Thoughts on Deadpool movie and will its success entice studios to show more R-rated films?
  • Show opening
  • Why Joe doesn’t like to use his iPhone to listen to podcasts
  • Joe bans Bill from watching pick-up videos to resolve his anger issues
  • Garage sale etiquette
  • Joe finishes another game for #1Console Challenge
  • Bill gives a shoutout to Transformers & Beer and what he wants to see in the future
  • Joe recommends Mr. Robot
  • Band of Brothers vs The Pacific
  • Thoughts on Riverdale coming to the CW network
  • Joe busts a couple off to Velma who he thinks is hotter than Daphne
  • Supergirl and The Flash crossover
  • Kevin Smith's new LateNight Talk Show on AMC

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