Friday, 26 February 2016

STCPod #73 - Losin' It With Bill, Joe and Siri

  • Joe gets 2cm of snow and gets snowed in
  • Joe's doesn't use his snowblower so that it won't get dirty
  • Bill has given up on watching video game pickup videos
  • Dummy drivers in the winter time
  • Posting videos
  • Joe's Fantasy Baseball season is starting soon
  • Joe watched Grease LIVE....again
  • Show open
  • Barrie Game Exchange & lining up early for shows
  • Concert ticket prices
  • Bill up late playing Cartridge Club GOM Neir on Xbox 360
  • How we spent Family Day
  • Joe's all excited because he got some extra shelves for his bookcases
  • What went right with Wedding Crashers and not so right with The Internship
  • Walking Dead & Vikings return
  • Siri vs Google, again
  • Bill crowbars in Losin' It talk

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Friday, 19 February 2016

STCPod #72 - Dōmo Arigatō, Mr. Roboto & Bad Garage Sale Etiquette

  • Bill's dumbfounded on how Joe is pampered
  • Shoutout to Tony & Derek aka The Two Dorks
  • Bill thanks Retro Fandango and we talk some Rambo
  • We argue over Conan O'Brien…..again
  • Coming of age films
  • Thoughts on Deadpool movie and will its success entice studios to show more R-rated films?
  • Show opening
  • Why Joe doesn’t like to use his iPhone to listen to podcasts
  • Joe bans Bill from watching pick-up videos to resolve his anger issues
  • Garage sale etiquette
  • Joe finishes another game for #1Console Challenge
  • Bill gives a shoutout to Transformers & Beer and what he wants to see in the future
  • Joe recommends Mr. Robot
  • Band of Brothers vs The Pacific
  • Thoughts on Riverdale coming to the CW network
  • Joe busts a couple off to Velma who he thinks is hotter than Daphne
  • Supergirl and The Flash crossover
  • Kevin Smith's new LateNight Talk Show on AMC

Friday, 12 February 2016

STCPod #71 - Two Dorks and A Podcast

STCPod welcomes two guys who could arguably be our doppelgängers to the show, and to The Cartridge Club, as we do our weekly sit-down this week with Derek and Tony, also known as the Two Dorks on YouTube.

  • Introductions and some STCPod technical difficulties
  • What kind of games Tony is into and his lack of patience when it comes to buying things
  • A PS2 Kijiji game lot buy for Bill
  • Derek considers getting a CD resurfacer
  • Tony's "strategy" of game collecting
  • Show intro
  • A brief backstory of our guests
  • Derek's gaming style and how he makes his hobby pay for itself
  • Learn how the Two Dorks were created
  • What the future looks like for the Two Dorks YouTube channel
  • Thoughts on comic collecting
  • Selling items at game swaps
  • Sharing buying techniques within the community
  • How thrift stores add insult to their buyers
  • Dumpster diving
  • When will the apex of game costs arrive?
  • Is storing your collection becoming an issue?
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Derek's Youtube :
Derek's eBay Seller ID : djchew13

Monday, 8 February 2016

Sound City at Bill's House

Sound has always been important to me.  In whatever context, movies, television, music, the quality of the sound makes or breaks it.  I refuse to watch most movies until I can view it in a surround sound set-up.  Terrible movies will still get multiple views from me if the audio saves the experience (Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds is an example).  So whenever I could, I would make sure my gear is giving me the best sound reproduction possible, even with my limited budget.

I have a few different set-ups through the house, depending on what the room is being used for, or source that is being heard.  Lets start the tour on the main floor living room/family room.  Normally hooked up to a record player, the living room amp is also ready to take audio from an ipod/phone or tv.  

tech specs:


Friday, 5 February 2016

STCPod #70 - No Goodwill For DC On TV

  • A slight confusion as to our start record time
  • Bill gets angry when Joe goes to the gym
  • Bill’s watching Rambo for research and tries to trick Joe into watching it again with him
  • Thrift hunting
  • Goodwill stores closing throughout the GTA
  • A frustrating local Kijiji ad
  • Joe has a possible Kijiji purchase
  • Show open
  • Cousin Luke comes through for Bill and gets him his posters
  • Thanking everyone for the success of STCPod #69
  • Bill is worried about Joe and thinks he has narcolepsy
  • Joe’s almost done watching Jessica Jones
  • Thoughts on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  • Joe’s still trying to convince Bill to watch The Flash
  • Discussing Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers and why his movies have gotten worse lately
  • A Remake of The Mummy
  • Talks of Veronica Mars returning to TV
  • Fox ordering a pilot of the Exorcist
  • How much did Joe love the recent Grease Live on TV?
  • Why does everyone on TV have to be so good looking?
  • Abe Vagoda
  • Cartridge Club Game of the month – Neir

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Joe's Comic Long Box Reorganization Project - Part 6

These are the last of the comics that I pulled out, and I think this grouping has had the most variety so far.  As usual there are the X-Men/Wolverine issues but it seems I went through a bit of an Iron Man kick along with some Spiderman too. 

I'm going to have to spread all my issues out and see which ones still seem to matter to me and which ones don't and start from there to whittle things down.  My end goal is to just have a nice clean collection with only issues that I really care for.  Stay tuned.

Joe's Comic Long Box Reorganization Project - Part 5

Fairly certain that I will be keeping almost all of these issues.....though I don't remember why I had bought the three Loki issues.  I'll have to read them to see if they are worth keeping.

Joe's Comic Collection Reorganization Project - Part 4

Almost done going through my long boxes.  These are some of the very few Batman comics that I have., but I feel they are some of the key issues you should have from the modern age.  I never ended up going for the individual issues of A Death in the Family because at that time for me they were pretty pricey.  There were also the first 5 issues of the Punisher that I ever bought, and they are still the best in my opinion for his run.