Monday, 4 January 2016

Wacky TV Shows I've Been Paid To Watch Part 5

Bill here, back for another instalment of wacky television nostalgia.  This one is a bit different.  This next show popped back in my head from STCPod friend Steven Eidher via twitter.  The Capmax Gaming founder kept mentioning a little space drama from back in the 90s that I actually had to air a few episodes of back in the day.  The show had spaceships shaped like insects and a sexy female lead who seemed designed only to tease the viewer into watching longer for chance to get a glimpse of the goods.  This show was called LEXX.

Now, I can barely remember anything about this gem of a show, except this vixen here, so I asked the aforementioned Steven Eidher to jump onboard team STCPod as a Special Guest Contributor and fill in the rest of the story.


Greetings friends, Steven here!

So Bill (the non-angry one) from STCPod recently asked me to write up some thoughts on the Canada/Germany co-production(?) that was the TV show “LEXX”. I’d mentioned it enough recently online to get the show stuck in Bill’s head. Mission accomplished!

It falls under the category of “sexy and depressing sci-fi” and I would say the series was pretty memorable. Just for fun, I’m going to sum the show up as I remember it, no checking of Wikipedia. Not yet, at least.

Stanley Tweedle
So the show stars a blue collar dope named Stanley Tweedle. The dude lives and works in a dark future. I think there was just this one big building where he pulled a level all day or something. Meanwhile, some occult group was FEEDING HUMANITY to some giant wingless dragonfly. Go figure. A hot girl at some point gets turned into a half rolly worm thing during a sex slave transformation, but managed to escape before they brainwash her to finish the job. Instead, the head of a robot guard gets the programming. Yeah.

Sex Slave and a Zombie
Elsewhere, the occult group was afraid of a tribe called the Brunen-Ji, or something like that. They kill all of those people, but turn the last one into a zombie under their control. He kills them anyway.

Remember the big dragonfly? It’s actually a super powerful spaceship! All those aforementioned characters end up on the ship together and go have wacky space adventures. Poor Stanley spends the entire series just trying to get laid. I feel ya, bro. The hot worm chick likes the zombie guy, but he’s a zombie guy so no lovin’ out of him.

Dragonfly Ship Called LEXX
The New Sexy
At some point, a bunch of floaty arms that can travel through space end up destroying everything in the galaxy. Neat idea. There’s also a fire and water planet that are basically heaven and hell. After that, um… I think they end up in the “real” world for a bit? Whatever. Also, the worm girl gets killed at the end of one season, and a replacement actor is found when the show ends up continuing. The new girl is arguably hotter anyway.

Stanley sorta gets a girlfriend at one point, but she’s a plant girl which means she has no reproductive organs. Yeah.

So yeah, pretty interesting show! Gotta love Stanley and his simple quest to get laid. You need to understand that the show is generally pretty sexy. Maybe perverted is more accurate. I found it pretty fun back when it was on SPACE, or whatever channel aired it. It might be seen by some as not being very good, but I think it was pretty neat. The show I’d most likely compare it to is Red Dwarf. Similar notions of a ship lost in space with the last of humanity. A shame the DVD boxsets are still rather pricy.

Final Season
That’s about it for the show. I’ve got Wikipedia open now. Looks like the show actually aired on Showcase. Makes sense. That channel was often the place to go for nudity in a time before proper internet. There were 4 seasons total. Good to know. I didn’t see any further info that was too far off from what I typed here, so that about wraps it up. Let me know if you need some help with Maniac Mansion (the TV series) or Cybersix next. ;-)

Editor's note: Lexx did also air on Space as well as other CHUM Television properties. Thanks Steven for the awesome write up!

Check out the entire pilot episode, uncut, here

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