Friday, 15 January 2016

STCPod #67 - Flying Jessica Drones Around Gotham

  • It's a snow day for Bill on the farm & all the nonsense that goes along with it
  • Joe appologizes to Bill for last weeks show
  • We delve into why Bill NEEDS to do the show
  • Talking about Joe's ball juice
  • Show opening 
  • eBay is making Joe vomit all over
  • Looking at other ways to purchase items
  • Joe's obstacles to overcome in regards to buying
  • there's a new religion in Bill's town....and he's not buying
  • Joe's process of downsizing his comic collection
  • Bill explains again why he is loving Jessica jones
  • Joe finishes Gotham Seasnon 2; surprised at how much he likes Limitless & is starting the Leftovers
  • How people who don't watch shows because thy revolve around superheros frustrates us
  • Bill's daughters' birthday party made him want to kill himself
  • Kids are getting back into Polaroid cameras
  • Super 8 cameras are coming back
  • Ton's of drones at the C.E.S.; especially a fixed-wing plane you can fly with VR goggles

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