Friday, 8 January 2016

STCPod # 66 - Waxing the Ol' Blower To Supergirl

  • Starting the show off with anger and a black cloud
  • Joe has two quick big sales on Kijiji
  • Getting confused by a  Kijiji ad description
  • Joe’s contemplating some future eBay auctions
  • Show intro
  • Cartridge Club Game of the Month
  • Bill playing Gunstar Heroes
  • Thanking our guest blog contributor Steven Eidher
  • Remember the Canadian TV show LEXX
  • How much Joe is loving Supergirl right now?
  • How we love and hate the new Star Wars
  • Guardians of the Galaxy shooting with 8K
  • Bill tries to convince Joe how he needs to watch Jessica Jones
  • Voltron is being remade
  • Bill’s game pickups & soft-modding a Wii
  • Thinking of Buried on Mars
  • How Joe bought a snowblower… but his OCD makes him not use it a lot to prevent rust
  • Discussing The Punishers upcoming appearing on Daredevil
  • Joe watched The Shannara Chronicles and both of us brain-farting on lots of names
  • Ash Vs Evil Dead finale
  • Frank Darabont lawsuit vs AMC and how his deposition is available
  • Angry with Michael Bay’s non-chalance with his directing the next Transformers movie
  • Krang will be appearing in the next TMNT movie
  • Thoughts on the Rock’s next film roll as Mitch on Baywatch
  • Stallone is no longer involved in the Rambo TV Series
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