Thursday, 28 January 2016

STCPod #69 - Doing the 69 With Our Listeners

This is it! The episode that everyone was waiting for has finally happened, and what a turnout it was!

Joining us live for the group chat was Duke from Retro Nonsense, Kevin from Retro Fandango, Sarah from Caught Me Gaming, Eric & Melissa from Mighty & Mrs. Q Dawg, Kyle from Game Time With Kyle, Cousin Luke from The Movies, Dean from Round 2 Gaming, Steven Eidher from CAPMAX Gaming, Enzzy and Paul both from The Leftover Bits.

We filled up FAST, so those who were not able to get into the live chat we thank you for watching the stream on YouTube.

We promise you.....there will be another time for this again!

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Check out the above live chatters in their own forums at :

Duke - YouTube : Retro Nonsense
            Twitter : @Duke0619

Kevin - YouTube : Retro Fandango
             YouTube : BuriedOnMars
              Twitter : @Buried_On_Mars

Sarah - Blog :
             Twitter : @Sarca_Sim

Eric - YouTube : TheMightyQDawg
          Twitter : @MightyQDawg

Melissa - Twitter : @MrsQDawg

Kyle - YouTube : GameTimeWithKyle
           Twitter : @Kyle_325_

Luke : Twitter : @Luke_Snake

Dean : YouTube : Round2GamingChannel
            Twitter : @Round_2_Gaming

Stephen Eidher - YouTube : CapMaxGaming
                              Streaming : capmax_gaming
                              Podomatic : The CapMax Hypecast

Enzzy -
             Twitter : @Enzzy204

Friday, 22 January 2016

STCPod #68 - Our Very Own 3 Hour Nintendo Quest

  • Rushing to do another record
  • Happy Birthday to Bill !
  • What is going on with all the clutter around Joe
  • Bill's wife sneaks into the room and finally sees Joe's face
  • Why does Joe have 3 VCRs?
  • Show intro
  • Is it possible to be re-tweeting to much?
  • No more Nobunaga for Joe !
  • Hop aboard the Bang Bus as we recount how Kevin from Retro Fandango joins STCPod on a all day video game hunt
  • Bill's thoughts on David Bowie passing
  • Glen Frey's passing and expensive concert tickets
  • Our review on Nintendo Quest
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Joe's Comic Collection Reorganization Project - Part 3

I think this box is a little bit easier in deciding which issues to keep or not.
  • Some of my favourite artwork for Wolverine is on the cover of Wolverine Issues #1-6
  • I'm fairly certain that I will be keeping the Ultimate X-Men issues
  • I can't remember if I have even read the New X-Men issues.  I'm not too crazy about the cover artwork so I may have to skim through them to see what the story was like, but I think that if I really have to think about it then that's a sign to get rid of them

Friday, 15 January 2016

Joe's Comic Collection Reorganization Project - Part 2

I'm fairly certain that I will be keeping all of these issues that I pulled out below.  It is Wolverine after all.


STCPod #67 - Flying Jessica Drones Around Gotham

  • It's a snow day for Bill on the farm & all the nonsense that goes along with it
  • Joe appologizes to Bill for last weeks show
  • We delve into why Bill NEEDS to do the show
  • Talking about Joe's ball juice
  • Show opening 
  • eBay is making Joe vomit all over
  • Looking at other ways to purchase items
  • Joe's obstacles to overcome in regards to buying
  • there's a new religion in Bill's town....and he's not buying
  • Joe's process of downsizing his comic collection
  • Bill explains again why he is loving Jessica jones
  • Joe finishes Gotham Seasnon 2; surprised at how much he likes Limitless & is starting the Leftovers
  • How people who don't watch shows because thy revolve around superheros frustrates us
  • Bill's daughters' birthday party made him want to kill himself
  • Kids are getting back into Polaroid cameras
  • Super 8 cameras are coming back
  • Ton's of drones at the C.E.S.; especially a fixed-wing plane you can fly with VR goggles

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Joe's Comic Collection - Box # 1

I'm trying to de-clutter my office so I've decided to first downsize my comic collection, but before I do I just wanted to record what I had for posterity before dumping off the issues I no longer care about.

From the pics you can tell I'm a fan of Wolverine, but this box has a "mish-mash" of issues in it
I basically read these comics once and they have been put away in a storage box  never to be seen again.  There are in no particular order and I seem to have some issues missing / mixed up in other boxes so I'm due for a good reorganizing

Here's pics from box #1.


Open article for the rest of box 1.

Friday, 8 January 2016

STCPod # 66 - Waxing the Ol' Blower To Supergirl

  • Starting the show off with anger and a black cloud
  • Joe has two quick big sales on Kijiji
  • Getting confused by a  Kijiji ad description
  • Joe’s contemplating some future eBay auctions
  • Show intro
  • Cartridge Club Game of the Month
  • Bill playing Gunstar Heroes
  • Thanking our guest blog contributor Steven Eidher
  • Remember the Canadian TV show LEXX
  • How much Joe is loving Supergirl right now?
  • How we love and hate the new Star Wars
  • Guardians of the Galaxy shooting with 8K
  • Bill tries to convince Joe how he needs to watch Jessica Jones
  • Voltron is being remade
  • Bill’s game pickups & soft-modding a Wii
  • Thinking of Buried on Mars
  • How Joe bought a snowblower… but his OCD makes him not use it a lot to prevent rust
  • Discussing The Punishers upcoming appearing on Daredevil
  • Joe watched The Shannara Chronicles and both of us brain-farting on lots of names
  • Ash Vs Evil Dead finale
  • Frank Darabont lawsuit vs AMC and how his deposition is available
  • Angry with Michael Bay’s non-chalance with his directing the next Transformers movie
  • Krang will be appearing in the next TMNT movie
  • Thoughts on the Rock’s next film roll as Mitch on Baywatch
  • Stallone is no longer involved in the Rambo TV Series
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Monday, 4 January 2016

Wacky TV Shows I've Been Paid To Watch Part 5

Bill here, back for another instalment of wacky television nostalgia.  This one is a bit different.  This next show popped back in my head from STCPod friend Steven Eidher via twitter.  The Capmax Gaming founder kept mentioning a little space drama from back in the 90s that I actually had to air a few episodes of back in the day.  The show had spaceships shaped like insects and a sexy female lead who seemed designed only to tease the viewer into watching longer for chance to get a glimpse of the goods.  This show was called LEXX.

Now, I can barely remember anything about this gem of a show, except this vixen here, so I asked the aforementioned Steven Eidher to jump onboard team STCPod as a Special Guest Contributor and fill in the rest of the story.


Saturday, 2 January 2016

STCPod #65 - The Great Peanuts Betrayal

  • Bill's Christmas holiday on the farm
  • Why does Joe think Bill came from a farm?
  • Joe's only experience on a farm occurred at a barn party
  • Another brief work story from Bill
  • Where Joe spent Christmas this year
  • Bill's Christmas gift to himself
  • Joe used willpower and didn't buy himself anything this year
  • Looking at headphones
  • Cousin Luke gets some Peanuts for Joe
  • 1 Console Challenge has started
  • Joe and his "zero-fun games" according to Bill
  • Bill get some thrift games for both of us
  • Cousin Luke visits the farm & brings some video games