Thursday, 24 December 2015

STCPOD #64 - Playstation 5, Kijiji Douche Bags & Not Going To Star Wars With BuriedOnMars

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Our Christmas gift to you, ANOTHER episode with the forever engaging,  charming and devastatingly beautiful Kevin from BuriedOnMars!  

  • Update on some Cartridge Club news
  • Is Kevin doing too much in his life?
  • Has Joe picked up lately?
  • SNES game talk
  • Do we need a PS5 to come out so soon? And why is that?
  • Is the Apple model a good template for game systems to follow?
  • Will new game consoles push towards the Pay Services only or is there another option?
  • Kevin's Black Friday fiasco story for a 2nd Xbox One
  • When will Bill ever get a new system?
  • Passing on Kijiji deals or is it better to buy the lot & resell what you don't need?
  • Hard to find deals on Kijiji
  • Kijiji douche bags
  • As collectors, are we spending too much time searching for items?
  • New Star Wars thoughts
  • Howard Stern thoughts on him renewing for a final 5 years
  • How concert ticket prices are out of control
  • Bill doesn't understand baseball & why Kevin & Joe celebrate it

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