Tuesday, 22 December 2015

STCPod #63 - Boldly Watching Hollywood Trailers, TV Hopefuls, Xbox Modding & The 1 Console Challenge

  • We're starting to think maybe the issue was never Google Hangouts
  • Bill and Kevin reminisce about the good ol' days
  • Fantastic 4 reboot sequel has been canceled...does anyone care?
  • Our thoughts on the new Star Trek Trailer
  • Batman vs Superman trailer
  • Off-the-rocker Hollywood stories
  • Thoughts on the Creed (Rocky) movie
  • Is Rambo coming to TV and how can they do it?
  • Joe's has started watching Limitless and is liking it so far
  • We discuss why less shows have been canceled this season than normal
  • Are we loving Supergirl? (Yes, we know Joe loves her)
  • Walking Dead season thoughts so far
  • We talk Xbox One and Xbox modding
  • 1 Console Challenge (#1ConsoleChallenge)
  • Is the SNES going to be a realistic option for Joe to only play for the year?

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