Thursday, 10 December 2015

STCPod #62 - Girlfriend Vs. STCPod

The two boys of STCPod go head to head against Boyfriend of Girlfriend Vs. fame.

Listen in as we found out what it's like living the life of a working actor, You-Tuber, gamer, and boyfriend in Los Angeles.
  • Google Hangouts doesn’t want us to start the show
  • Find out how Curtiss thought we looked
  • Curtiss thinks we talk softly and carry big mics
  • Joe gets a congratulations from Bill on his Transformers & Beer Podcast 1 Year Anniversary
  • What does Feb 13, 2014 mean to Curtiss
  • Joe talks about making the leap and working on joining the video world
  • Curtiss' gives STCPod a never before told story & why you shouldn't let him into your closet
  • STCPod gets really excited about Curtiss’ “ditch magazine rack” pick-up
  • Show opening & guest introduction…..with a little bit of cahone juggling
  • Girlfriend Vs. Season 2 update
  • What was the concept behind Girlfriend Vs. & what it takes to produce an episode
  • Where Curtiss came from and how did he get to Los Angeles?
  • How did Boyfriend meet Girlfriend?
  • Curtiss’ video footage of his trip to Portland Retro Gaming Expo & some stories
  • Intermission; Curtiss gets a power cord & Bill begs Joe to stop eating for one second
  • How is the commuting in L.A. and what is a day in the life of Curtiss like
  • What is Curtiss playing right now
  • We discuss the 1-Console Challenge and will we do it
  • Where Curtiss is going to focus his collecting next
  • so where can a guy buy some games in Los Angeles?
  • Curtiss wonders where Joe buys his stuff from
  • We crush Curtiss with a few hard hitting questions

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