Friday, 4 December 2015

STCPod #61 - Dirty Underwear, Fast Food & Some Jessica Jones

  • Reminding the listeners how to correctly get the show from now on
  • Joe's son enjoyed his birthday car
  • Joe's get angry at dog poop
  • A Jr. Kindergarten story
  • Joe's poop cleaning story
  • Bill throws his kids underwear out and wishes ill towards Joe's buttocks
  • Joe takes his kid to a brithday movie with another mom
  • Bill can't understand Joe's logic in not letting his 4 yr old wear 3-D glasses
  • Bill learns why not to use brown paint on the walls
  • Bill's A&W coupon fiasco
  • Putting a moratorium on A&W
  • Show open / Fandango ball bustin'
  • We discuss the 1-Console Challenge & will we be doing it?
  • Thinking about getting the Framemeister
  • We go game hunting for a day together
  • Is Jessica Jones worth watching?
  • A few music documentaries to check out
  • Kingsmen movie vs Bond concept
  • Non-spoiler thoughts on Walking Dead mid-season finale
  • Bill gets free shelves & then regrets bringing it up
  • Joe needs a collecting intervention

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