Thursday, 24 December 2015

STCPOD #64 - Playstation 5, Kijiji Douche Bags & Not Going To Star Wars With BuriedOnMars

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Our Christmas gift to you, ANOTHER episode with the forever engaging,  charming and devastatingly beautiful Kevin from BuriedOnMars!  

  • Update on some Cartridge Club news
  • Is Kevin doing too much in his life?
  • Has Joe picked up lately?
  • SNES game talk
  • Do we need a PS5 to come out so soon? And why is that?
  • Is the Apple model a good template for game systems to follow?
  • Will new game consoles push towards the Pay Services only or is there another option?
  • Kevin's Black Friday fiasco story for a 2nd Xbox One
  • When will Bill ever get a new system?
  • Passing on Kijiji deals or is it better to buy the lot & resell what you don't need?
  • Hard to find deals on Kijiji
  • Kijiji douche bags
  • As collectors, are we spending too much time searching for items?
  • New Star Wars thoughts
  • Howard Stern thoughts on him renewing for a final 5 years
  • How concert ticket prices are out of control
  • Bill doesn't understand baseball & why Kevin & Joe celebrate it

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Retro Game Shopping In Southern Ontario DEC 2015

Howdy, Bill here!  Hit up quite a few Buy and Sells in Southern Ontario the last couple of weeks and figured I'd share a few photos of the retro gaming stock.  Hopefully you can make out the prices, I'm sure they will raise a few eyebrows! At least some disc based games are reasonable.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

STCPod #63 - Boldly Watching Hollywood Trailers, TV Hopefuls, Xbox Modding & The 1 Console Challenge

  • We're starting to think maybe the issue was never Google Hangouts
  • Bill and Kevin reminisce about the good ol' days
  • Fantastic 4 reboot sequel has been canceled...does anyone care?
  • Our thoughts on the new Star Trek Trailer
  • Batman vs Superman trailer
  • Off-the-rocker Hollywood stories
  • Thoughts on the Creed (Rocky) movie
  • Is Rambo coming to TV and how can they do it?
  • Joe's has started watching Limitless and is liking it so far
  • We discuss why less shows have been canceled this season than normal
  • Are we loving Supergirl? (Yes, we know Joe loves her)
  • Walking Dead season thoughts so far
  • We talk Xbox One and Xbox modding
  • 1 Console Challenge (#1ConsoleChallenge)
  • Is the SNES going to be a realistic option for Joe to only play for the year?

Friday, 11 December 2015

Blog Changes & The 1-Console Challenge

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Yes, I know.

I've been a little lax in my actual Transformer blogging, but I can honestly say that it hasn't been due to lack of trying or laziness.  Rather, it's been due to a variety of factors I think that are more on the positive side.

Ever since I returned to collecting back in 2011, I hit the Transformer scene hard doing my best to make up for lost time and catch up to my numerous years of absence, and for 4 years I did quite well. But, as with all things; time, wisdom, life and money have all played a factor in getting to where I am now.  I have two young children that require attention.  I moved last year and renos kept me busy for a god part of 2015.  I think my OCD in terms of only buying items in a certain condition is only getting worse I fear. eBay prices have become absolutely ridiculous, and along with the exchange rate and shipping charges I've had to become more picky in what I buy online.  My two weekly podcasts, Transformers & Beer and STCPod are fun but time draining. And on top of it all, I've returned to retro gaming.collecting which pulling some of my budget away from my Transformers buying.

As such, I've had to re-evaluate my collecting habits, as well as to how I'll be proceeding with my future postings.  If I will be splitting my purchases, then logically my posts will be reflection of this as well.  Never fear Transformer collectors, this blog started off as a Transformer blog and it will still predominately be one.....just one sprinkled with my video game pick ups whenever they occur.

To pick a single console and only play video games on it for the entire year of 2016. 

I have been called out....

......though not in the sinister way that you might see in the movies. Nope. Not even close.  In actuality, it could be considered a punishment of some sort (if you are into playing multiple systems at the same time) that the boys of the Retro Fandango Podcast wish to "share" with others; though they will deny this and officially call it a challenge.

As a member of the Cartridge Club gaming community (, I have had the sincere pleasure of meeting and talking to a wide variety of exceptional individuals, all who share a common interest in video gaming.

Kevin (@Buried_On_Mars) & Richard (@TheRamVox) have issued out a challenge to the gaming community, based upon a question proposed to them by co-founder, P2 (@CartridgeBrosP2), of the Cartridge Club  of whether it was now possible to play just one game console for an entire year?

And thus the challenge was made....

For a full list of the rules of the contest CLICK HERE

At first, I didn't have any inclination of being a part of this since I already kind of do it.  I have tended to play with the latest system that's out until the next generation of it appears.  A little bit of this is out of my OCD since all my old systems are put away, and thus once put away, stay put away.  I just figured there would be no point in me doing the contest then since it wouldn't really feel like one to me.  But after thinking about it for some time, and with a little bit of advice from my co-host of, I've decided that I will accept this challenge. but I'm really going to make it a challenge for myself.

I have decided to play the............

 This may seem like nothing really significant to some as it's just another gaming system. Yes, that's true....except for one thing.


For some reason, it had just been one of the systems that I had skipped buying, probably because I was a teenager at that point and just never saved up enough for it.  I did do the old Blockbuster 7 day rental program numerous times so I have played it along with many of its games.  I regret not buying it originally, but the serial number version I have of it now isn't 1st gen so it did work out, though the 3rd release of it would have been the best one to get as that is the 1-chip version (check for a serial number UN3XXXXXX). Almost all serial numbers starting with UN3 are a one chip.  Essentially, the 1-chips has the motherboard which produces the best picture.

Anyway, the one I have now was picked up for me by my brother from Kijiji for $50, no yellowing at all, 2 controllers and all hookup accessories.  He also gave me a few doubles; Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, Super Castlevania IV & The Legend of Zelda : A Link to The Past.

LEFT : Custom paint job my brother did to one of his SNES'
RIGHT : The one on the right is the one my brother picked up for me

So I don't have that many games to play at the moment, and I think that is the charm of deciding to go with this system.  I could have gone the route of the PS3 until I get the PS4, as I certainly own enough PS3 games to start. Also, if you have checked out the rules for this 1-Console Challenge, if the system has backwards capability, which mine does, I would also be able to play PS2 games on there of which I also have a number yet to finish.  Thus the decision to go SNES makes this a way more intriguing challenge since for me to continue playing all year, as to continue with the challenge I will have to further my SNES collection by continuing to buy games for it.  This also gives me the opportunity to do some more game write-ups as well.

So that's it for now.  Thanks for catching up with me.  Please continue to come back for Transformer posts and for my new game posts as I progress, or try to, through the entire new year of 2016 by just playing the SNES.

Keep on collecting!


Thursday, 10 December 2015

STCPod #62 - Girlfriend Vs. STCPod

The two boys of STCPod go head to head against Boyfriend of Girlfriend Vs. fame.

Listen in as we found out what it's like living the life of a working actor, You-Tuber, gamer, and boyfriend in Los Angeles.
  • Google Hangouts doesn’t want us to start the show
  • Find out how Curtiss thought we looked
  • Curtiss thinks we talk softly and carry big mics
  • Joe gets a congratulations from Bill on his Transformers & Beer Podcast 1 Year Anniversary
  • What does Feb 13, 2014 mean to Curtiss
  • Joe talks about making the leap and working on joining the video world
  • Curtiss' gives STCPod a never before told story & why you shouldn't let him into your closet
  • STCPod gets really excited about Curtiss’ “ditch magazine rack” pick-up
  • Show opening & guest introduction…..with a little bit of cahone juggling
  • Girlfriend Vs. Season 2 update
  • What was the concept behind Girlfriend Vs. & what it takes to produce an episode
  • Where Curtiss came from and how did he get to Los Angeles?
  • How did Boyfriend meet Girlfriend?
  • Curtiss’ video footage of his trip to Portland Retro Gaming Expo & some stories
  • Intermission; Curtiss gets a power cord & Bill begs Joe to stop eating for one second
  • How is the commuting in L.A. and what is a day in the life of Curtiss like
  • What is Curtiss playing right now
  • We discuss the 1-Console Challenge and will we do it
  • Where Curtiss is going to focus his collecting next
  • so where can a guy buy some games in Los Angeles?
  • Curtiss wonders where Joe buys his stuff from
  • We crush Curtiss with a few hard hitting questions

Friday, 4 December 2015

STCPod #61 - Dirty Underwear, Fast Food & Some Jessica Jones

  • Reminding the listeners how to correctly get the show from now on
  • Joe's son enjoyed his birthday car
  • Joe's get angry at dog poop
  • A Jr. Kindergarten story
  • Joe's poop cleaning story
  • Bill throws his kids underwear out and wishes ill towards Joe's buttocks
  • Joe takes his kid to a brithday movie with another mom
  • Bill can't understand Joe's logic in not letting his 4 yr old wear 3-D glasses
  • Bill learns why not to use brown paint on the walls
  • Bill's A&W coupon fiasco
  • Putting a moratorium on A&W
  • Show open / Fandango ball bustin'
  • We discuss the 1-Console Challenge & will we be doing it?
  • Thinking about getting the Framemeister
  • We go game hunting for a day together
  • Is Jessica Jones worth watching?
  • A few music documentaries to check out
  • Kingsmen movie vs Bond concept
  • Non-spoiler thoughts on Walking Dead mid-season finale
  • Bill gets free shelves & then regrets bringing it up
  • Joe needs a collecting intervention

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

STCPod #60 - Lifestyles of the Mint In Box

  • Joe gets angry at Google
  • How Joe's 4 year gets a car for his birthday
  • Remembering what we had to ride as kids
  • STCPod's new hosting site
  • Thoughts on how they could have improved Shadow of the Colossus
  • Outrageous PPV prices
  • Bill's thoughts on playing From Russia With Love on PS2
  • Show open
  • Transformers & Beer now on iTunes
  • A listener question gets answered by Bill
  • What kind of protective cases are best for game boxes?
  • Joe doesn't understand why CIB is used to describe games and not MIB?
  • Why the AFA grading is so subjective
  • R.I.P. to Bill's PVR and why he has to have that specific model