Sunday, 8 November 2015

STCPod #56 - Being The Last Man on Earth with Tiffany

  • A Retro opening
  • Bill springs a record on Joe and ruins his night
  • Shadow of the Colossus playing
  • More Fandango ball-bustin'
  • The Tiffany backlash?
  • Joe actually gets props from Bill!
  • Bill is incredulous at the magazines Joe has kept
  • Listen to Bill getting ready for winter...
  • Joe goes video game hunting
  • What is the proper driving ettiquette when hunting for games?
  • Bill rants on Buy & Sell prices!
  • Planning a new game buying strategy
  • Who is @GardenGloves1 on Twitter?
  • Show intro
  • Should we have watched the Star Wars trailer & when do we see the movie?
  • Spoiler-free Walking Dead review
  • Eliminating shows off of the PVR
  • What are guys at the gym thinking about when they look in the mirror?
  • We answer a listener question
  • Next Cartridge Club Game of the Month
  • Best show on TV right now.....
  • Remembering porn on Beta tapes
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