Friday, 20 November 2015

STCPod #59 - Breaking News !! Japan Invades Canada !!

The boys of STCPod sit down with one half of Retro Fandango, Richard (aka RAM VOX), and discuss his life in Japan and how a boy from Jersey ended up there.  

Listen in to hear about all his collecting habits, how less is more and everything else that makes him tick.

We also grill Vox with our Collectors Questionnaire......can he handle the pressure...or will he writhe in pain just like Joe does watching Bill play a video game? 

All this and more in this weeks STCPod episode!!! 


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Twitter : @TheRamVox

Monday, 16 November 2015


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The STCPod Boys

Friday, 13 November 2015

STCPod #58 - The Spectre of Superbad

  • Teen angst movies
  • How super good it is watching Superbad again
  • Falling asleep while getting the poison out
  • First time buying beer
  • Why Joe mainly buys wine in the winter
  • Bill gives some kudos to the last Transformers & Beer Podcast
  • Kijiji expectations in terms of selling
  • Show intro
  • NES Blinking Light win
  • Spectre and Charlie Brown news
  • Can Harry Potter save the upcoming Frankenstein movie?
  • Halo 5 news
  • Why we are loving the new Ash Vs Evil Dead tv show

Sunday, 8 November 2015

STCPod #56 - Being The Last Man on Earth with Tiffany

  • A Retro opening
  • Bill springs a record on Joe and ruins his night
  • Shadow of the Colossus playing
  • More Fandango ball-bustin'
  • The Tiffany backlash?
  • Joe actually gets props from Bill!
  • Bill is incredulous at the magazines Joe has kept
  • Listen to Bill getting ready for winter...
  • Joe goes video game hunting
  • What is the proper driving ettiquette when hunting for games?
  • Bill rants on Buy & Sell prices!
  • Planning a new game buying strategy
  • Who is @GardenGloves1 on Twitter?
  • Show intro
  • Should we have watched the Star Wars trailer & when do we see the movie?
  • Spoiler-free Walking Dead review
  • Eliminating shows off of the PVR
  • What are guys at the gym thinking about when they look in the mirror?
  • We answer a listener question
  • Next Cartridge Club Game of the Month
  • Best show on TV right now.....
  • Remembering porn on Beta tapes
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Thursday, 5 November 2015

STCPod #57 - Crazy Rationale & The Greatest American Supergirl

  • Joe's a bear again
  • More zombie hypothesizing
  • Bill on Shadow of the Colossus
  • Joe's rationale why he doesn't want his kids watching him play video games
  • We recap what happened on Halloween
  • Why Joe hates Halloween & Bill's life Trick 'o Treating on the farm
  • Show open
  • New Walking Dead is still kicking ass
  • Joe finally gets to talk about the new Supergirl show
  • Thoughts on the remake of The Greatest American Hero
  • Crazy facts on Stephen J. Cannell
  • Will Mark Wahlberg mess up The Six Billion Dollar Man?
  • Star Trek is returning to TV.......digitally that is