Monday, 19 October 2015

STCPod #54 - Field Trippin With Viral Joe

  • Joe’s a bear when he has a cold
  • Grateful Dead fill in
  • Audio clip from Joe’s ride on the yellow bus
  • Bill falls asleep…….and forgets to pick up his kids
  • Bill lives vicariously through his kids volleyball team
  • We discuss what martial art to enroll Joe’s son in
  • Bill’s secret weapon for fighting colds
  • Show intro
  • Action Figure Expo videos
  • Joe’s iRig2 moves one step closer to being used
  • Joe obsesses (a lot) over MightyQDawg’s game shelves
  • Joe goes Costanza with his Tribute movie mags and TV Guides
  • We discuss the EXCELLENT show finale of Strike Back
  • Bill get wood over some new Bob Dylan news…..(this is where Joe falls asleep)
  • We discuss the failure of the Pan movie; will we see The Martian, and Godzilla vs King Kong
  • James Bond movie arguments
  • Bill has another dispute with Kijiji people
  • Is it time to get out of video game buying?
  • Kevin “volunteers” to mod our Xbox’s for us

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