Friday, 9 October 2015

STCPod #53 - Joe Gets Framed & Bill Gets Creamed

  • Bill gets creamed a bad way
  • Joe has to get a police check done and ends up getting finger-printed because of his name
  • Bill can't believe Joe has volunteered to supervise a bunch of Jr. Kindergarten kids
  • Bill (and everyone else) thinks Joe has sleep apnea and really wants to get him tested
  • Bill gets an update on Joe's Transcendental Meditation progress
  • Joe gets "Soup Nazied" by Mucho Burrito 
  • We discuss some possible game pickups from EB Games
  • We fawn a little bit over @MightyQDawg and his smooth voice
  • Remembering The Fable series
  • How Bill proves once again how he is the oldest man alive
  • Goodwill tries to rip people off again
  • Age of Ultron thoughts
  • How movies need recognizable music in them

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