Thursday, 29 October 2015

Wacky TV I've Been Paid To Watch Pt4

Bill here, back for the next instalment of wacky television history.  Back in the late nineties I was lucky enough to work for small local television station that resisted scheduling infomercials throughout the night.  By this time most every broadcaster on the media landscape had given up on overnight programming and filled the time with paid programming.  That is except my little channel which wanted to offer an alternative for all those shift workers, night watchers, and parents with nonsleeping babies that looked through the dial in the middle of the night.  Our Programming Director took advantage of cheaply acquired vintage television and filled the overnights with the likes of Kojak, Adam 12, Six Million Dollar Man....but hands down the most successful for us was the thrilling action drama EMERGENCY! 


Friday, 23 October 2015

STCPod #55 - Portland Retro Gaming Expo Review with Dean of Round 2 Gaming

The boys of STCPod sit down with Dean from Round 2 Gaming Channel and discuss his adventures at this years Portland Retro Gaming Expo.  Listen in to hear about all the do's & don'ts if you're planning on going next year, what craziness you can expect, and what life is like for one of the biggest game and memorabilia collectors in our community.

We also grill Dean with our Collectors Questionnaire......can he handle the pressure...or will he melt just like Bill being forcibly held in Joe's arms?  

All this and more in this weeks STCPod episode!!! Boom.

Check out Dean's new video showing off his PRGE pickups!

Dean at Round2Gaming:

STCPod Website

Monday, 19 October 2015

STCPod #54 - Field Trippin With Viral Joe

  • Joe’s a bear when he has a cold
  • Grateful Dead fill in
  • Audio clip from Joe’s ride on the yellow bus
  • Bill falls asleep…….and forgets to pick up his kids
  • Bill lives vicariously through his kids volleyball team
  • We discuss what martial art to enroll Joe’s son in
  • Bill’s secret weapon for fighting colds
  • Show intro
  • Action Figure Expo videos
  • Joe’s iRig2 moves one step closer to being used
  • Joe obsesses (a lot) over MightyQDawg’s game shelves
  • Joe goes Costanza with his Tribute movie mags and TV Guides
  • We discuss the EXCELLENT show finale of Strike Back
  • Bill get wood over some new Bob Dylan news…..(this is where Joe falls asleep)
  • We discuss the failure of the Pan movie; will we see The Martian, and Godzilla vs King Kong
  • James Bond movie arguments
  • Bill has another dispute with Kijiji people
  • Is it time to get out of video game buying?
  • Kevin “volunteers” to mod our Xbox’s for us

Friday, 9 October 2015

STCPod #53 - Joe Gets Framed & Bill Gets Creamed

  • Bill gets creamed a bad way
  • Joe has to get a police check done and ends up getting finger-printed because of his name
  • Bill can't believe Joe has volunteered to supervise a bunch of Jr. Kindergarten kids
  • Bill (and everyone else) thinks Joe has sleep apnea and really wants to get him tested
  • Bill gets an update on Joe's Transcendental Meditation progress
  • Joe gets "Soup Nazied" by Mucho Burrito 
  • We discuss some possible game pickups from EB Games
  • We fawn a little bit over @MightyQDawg and his smooth voice
  • Remembering The Fable series
  • How Bill proves once again how he is the oldest man alive
  • Goodwill tries to rip people off again
  • Age of Ultron thoughts
  • How movies need recognizable music in them

Friday, 2 October 2015

STCPod #52 - The International Gastrol Incident

  • Promoting new content on some of the shows we watch & listen to
  • Did Kevin's outing of Bill on Periscope have a calming effect on him? 
  • Why won't Bill listen to Joe Rogan?
  • Duke's tribute video to the Cartridge Club Bros.
  • Bill starts investigating what's behind Joe in his garage
  • Joe's international golf incident
  • Joe downsizes with his new lunch bag
  • Joe finally uses up all of his Canadian Tire money he had hoarded
  • We discuss the demise of paper Canadian Tire money & its history
  • Bill explains why he doesn't like to eat thighs
  • We try to figure out when our official 1 year anniversary is
  • We discuss Marvel film news & exciting new possibilities
  • Joe and his wrestling VHS tapes and his decluttering
  • Should Bill finally start to watch Falling Skies
  • Remembering "V"

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Action Figure Expo Pics - Video Games, Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, G.I. Joe

Recently, I was able to get over to the AFX (Action Figure Expo) here in Toronto and used some of my time there to take a large amount of photos and video to share my experience with everyone in our STCPod community. Personally, I prefer these mixed shows over the toy-line specific promotions because I can generally find more unique treasures at the these shows, along with rummaging through all the past show memorabilia that I grew up with.

Enjoy checking the photos out !


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