Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Waterloo, Ontario Video Game Swap Fall 2015

Finally made it out to the famous Waterloo Video Game Swap and it didn't disappoint!  Meeting up with good friends and fellow Cartridge Clubbers, Buried on Mars (famous YouTuber) and Sarca Sim (famous blogger) we headed west to the college town of Waterloo which seemed to have earned the moniker of Retro Video Game Capital of Canada (for this weekend at least).

The event was packed with gamers buying and
selling and elbow room was at a premium so I wasn't able to grab as many photos as I would have liked, but here's what I did manage to get. Enjoy!

Console action

The Queen of the Ball, Buried On Mars

More consoles...the NES Sports Set?


Classic handhelds

Some oldies, Intellivision looking disrespected

Need an NES?

The Interactor and a boxed Atari

Retrons for miles

I got a baby! Who needs a baby?!

The Flash!

Intellivision boxed games

Bill had one of these! Coleco Adam Home Computer. Dude wanted $75, no power cord, untested!

Sega Master System games getting floor treatment

Japanese games getting the floor treatment

Here's a find!

Bill's final haul.  Want to hear about the negotiated prices? Tune into STCPod on Friday!

Got to meet many folks from the gaming community and finally came face to face with Cartridge Club Heavyweight and YouTube sensation JRock The Gamerocker! Subscribe and follow this dude!

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