Monday, 21 September 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #49 - The Great Deli Debate

  • Why do Bill's fingers smell like Polish ham?
  • Joe buys Bill a yardsale board game, but Bill doesn't appreciate it
  • Joe gets furious over the mics we use
  • Not another sunflower seed episode
  • Explaining our Google Hangouts issue
  • Bill wants to know why all the blog secrecy?
  • Joe explains some of the process behind his Transformers & Beer Podcast
  • Finally…the show opening
  • Bill's appears as a guest on the latest Cartridge Club show and we think we have solved who the mystery burper is
  • Joe finds some new storage and is trying a new arrangement for his office (hope you have lots of space in your trunk…because he's going to put his bike in it!)
  • We get all hard and geeky over storage units

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