Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #45 - Flea Market Finds, Glory Days of Video Hockey and Bye Bye Banshee

  • Cold angry opening
  • Why can't Joe have bread & peanut butter while recording a podcast?
  • There shall be no negotiating with Transformers dealers !! (1:49)
  • Joe's goes "Under the Radar" to meetup with a seller (2:00)
  • We find out Bill has left Joe...for month.... to go on vacation
  • Bill gives in and buys an Apple iPod off of Kijiji
  • Will iTunes screw-up Bill's music archive records once again? (11:30)
  • STCPod T-shirt has wrapped up a successful campaign (13:27)
  • Bill is incredulous that Joe still drops his kids off at daycare (16:27)
  • We finally start the show (18:02)
  • Joe details his visit and pickups from the Courtice Flea Market (19:44)
  • We comment on the poor conditions of flea market displays
  • Bill does his Bill thing and rips off a store seller; buys Burn Out 3 and more (31:42)
  • Bill reminisces about the glory days of his past playing of hocket video games...Joe falls asleep
  • .....more on Swordquest (48:50)
  • STCPod TV recommendations
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