Sunday, 30 August 2015

Behind the Scenes of the Regent Theatre, Picton Ontario

Episode 46 of the Start To Continue Podcast included an interview with Projectionist Luke from the historic Regent Theater located in Picton,Ontario.  Bill was also lucky enough to be granted an insider's tour of the facility, including subbasements, offices and backstage green rooms.....Please enjoy all the shots, and don't forget to listen to the fascinating interview featured in the podcast.

The Regent is a rare example of an Edwardian Opera House, with a stage that is as large as that of

Friday, 28 August 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #47 - Clubbing Around with a Cartridge Bros.

The boys of Start To Continue sit down with a very honoured guest; P1 of the Cartridge Bros!

We submit him to our very first Questionaire For Collectors, as well as finding out what it's like juggling a gaming community with life in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Enjoy listening to these answers, as well as many more in this special episode!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #46 - The Projectionist

We sit down with an independent movie theater projectionist and learn some behind the scenes stories from that darkened booth where all that colourful light shines from. 
We also talk gaming, current and retro 
NESRomancer's epic Castlevania opus 
Bill's battle with Mario Sunshine

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #45 - Flea Market Finds, Glory Days of Video Hockey and Bye Bye Banshee

  • Cold angry opening
  • Why can't Joe have bread & peanut butter while recording a podcast?
  • There shall be no negotiating with Transformers dealers !! (1:49)
  • Joe's goes "Under the Radar" to meetup with a seller (2:00)
  • We find out Bill has left Joe...for month.... to go on vacation
  • Bill gives in and buys an Apple iPod off of Kijiji
  • Will iTunes screw-up Bill's music archive records once again? (11:30)
  • STCPod T-shirt has wrapped up a successful campaign (13:27)
  • Bill is incredulous that Joe still drops his kids off at daycare (16:27)
  • We finally start the show (18:02)
  • Joe details his visit and pickups from the Courtice Flea Market (19:44)
  • We comment on the poor conditions of flea market displays
  • Bill does his Bill thing and rips off a store seller; buys Burn Out 3 and more (31:42)
  • Bill reminisces about the glory days of his past playing of hocket video games...Joe falls asleep
  • .....more on Swordquest (48:50)
  • STCPod TV recommendations
STCPod Website

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #44 - Adventures at Tranny-Con

  • Is a turkey dog the same as a sausage dog?
  • STCPod vacation & booking ahead of schedule
  • Bill disputes the similarity of a hopper and a can
  • Joe can't stand relistening to shows because he is a monster
  • Show opening
  • Bill's fascinated with Joe's adventure at Tranny-Con and what happened there
  • Online communities get up in arms
  • STCPod show recommendations