Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wacky TV I've Been Paid To Watch Pt2

Bill here, lets continue down my wacky television past with another show that aired in the same year as my previous post, Space Precinct.  It was 1997 and the small independent station I was at needed a cheap young adult program to close out the children's afternoon block.  They must have thought they hit the jackpot when they landed this perfect fit of a show.  It was new, hip and could ride off the popularity of Saved by the Bell .  Most importantly it was Canadian and would earn credit towards the Canadian Content obligations.  Drum roll.... None other than the career launching.....

Breaker High was the bane of my existence back in the day.  Despite its high gloss, well rounded
cast and unique angle on the high school experience, it became quickly unbearable for me to watch. This was mostly because, on the afternoon shift, we ran the same episode three times in four hours! We had the full two season run of 44 episodes. How could anyone be subjected to that!

What I remember about it without looking it up: Breaker High was a half hour young adult comedy about a special high school which was run on a cruise ship.  They explored world destinations while learning important life lessons.  The characters embodied every cliché...the jock, the rebel, the joker slob, the cool guy, the popular girl, the conservative girl, the smart chick, the shy chick.....

They all had to get along and live together in tight conditions while hormones rage and hi jinx ensue!  Most of the scenarios are quickly forgettable and sometimes regrettable especially when they are trying to portray whichever culture the ship is docked at for that episode.

At least the none of the ladies was hard on the eyes, and don't worry, they would have all been my age at the time if not older!

The female viewers had their pick of dudes to check out too, most recognizably a young Ryan Gosling.

Actually, the only refreshing thing that every surfaced out of any script was the banter and chemistry that formed organicly between Gosling and his best pal in the show, Jimmy (Tyler Labine) .  Quite honestly I don't know why someone hasn't teamed them up again.  They had a very natural Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise thing going on!

Enough of my ramblings.....look it up if you need to more!  Check out the pilot episode if you dare:

So do you remember Breaker High? Was it one of your guilty pleasures or something that had you scrambling to find the remote?  Let us know in the comments or join us on Twitter @STCPod

And just because.....whoa! A then and now shot of Terri Conn who played the southern belle Ashley Dupree

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