Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #40 - The Transcendental Rebellion Goes Uncharted

  • Recap of last shows issues
  • Joe wants Bill to try meditation
  • Bill refuses to try some new ideas for the show
  • How did Bill not know Joe's Transformers & Beer podcast is a weekly episodic?
  • Bill wants a reward for when Joe finishes the basement
  • Why can't Joe remember his highschools name
  • Ginko Kilbobo beans?
  • Bill tries to pry some school information out of Joe but fails
  • Show intro starts here
  • Joe almost loses wallet and iPhone again
  • Joe's hobo dinner
  • Joe gets nauseous playing Uncharted : Drake's Fortune
  • Joe's latest PVR records
  • Joe catches some Magic Mike
  •  Bill doesn't know what Graceland is
  • Watching some Star Wars : Rebels
  • Watching some Twitch with P1
  • Bill missing out on video game swap
  • The overpricing of convention admissions
  • Joe's going to put Bill's hotdog down his throat
  • Shoutouts and a new podcast to check out
  • Follow what games we're playing next

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