Monday, 29 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #38 - Talkin Joe Down With Dinosaurs and Soundtracks

  • Joe runs out of gas and chokes down 3 jumbos while trying to drive
  • Joe’s sure the plan is for him to have a stroke while doing these damn renos
  • Who needs sleep?
  • Thunderstorm makes Joe turn nightlight on
  • Bill tries to pull Joe away from the dark and back towards the light
  • Making jam and Bill’s conspiracy theory regarding strawberry picking
  • Bill’s box office fiasco while taking kids to Jurassic World
  • Bill takes kid to the Disney movie Inside Out
  • Excited about upcoming Charlie Brown movie and recalling the specials
  • Did anyone buy the RCA SelectaVision CED Video Disk Player
  • Some of our favorite movie soundtracks
  • Checking in with Bill’s Resident Evil 4 progress

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