Monday, 1 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #34 - Being Neighbours To Mars & Garage Spies

  • Joe tries milking himself ?!?!
  • Can anyone pull a Ron Jeremy?
  • Thanks to Retro Fandango for hosting us and our thoughts on everything that occurred
  • #MicMist
  • Who knew that Buried On Mars actually lived here on Earth next door to Bill?
  • Why Bill thinks people shouldn’t hang out in their garages & spy on him....
  • Joe Rogan podcast interview with Jordan Gilbert; best known for streaming his gameplay of Counter Strike : Global Offensive
  • Swatting is becoming rampant!
  • Bill scores again at yardsale hunting!
  • Cartridge Club Game of the Month
  • Best wrestling video games
  • Bill loses his Nintendo DS stylus....multiple times
  • Bill hides him game systems otherwise he will be tempted to sell them

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