Friday, 19 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #37 - Breast Pumping Your PS2 Skinny & Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • Bill complains about feeling like garbage but no one is listening
  • Joe falls asleep again going solo
  • STC goes Retro.Fandango that is
  • Bill’s playing The Cartridge Club’s Game of the Month Resident Evil 4
  • Bill gets skinny.on the PS2 Slim with RE4
  • Don't squeeze too hard when carrying your game system in a breast pump travel bag
  • Is wearing Gap sailor t-shirts uncool?
  • Joe comes close to buying some  video games but has to go to the bathroom instead
  • A listener has some constructive comments
  • #HotOrNot ; Bill won't tell Joe how hot his sister is
  • Penny Dreadful update
  • 1/2 of STC is up to date on show finales
  • Game of Thrones finale thoughts (non-spoiler)
  • Bill dissects why he hates sudden musical numbers in TV shows
  • Joe starts his 1st ever audiobook by listening to The Martian
  • Jurassic World goes prehistoric by breaking previous worldwide opening record
  • Shame on you Kevin Smith……Shame!…….Shame!……Shame!
  • Bill has 3 movie recommendations
  • Joe's going to check out Hardcore History podcast
  • Joe forced into watching finale of Married at First Sight
  • Joe watches Bullitt and we come up with our Top 5 movie car chases

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