Thursday, 4 June 2015

Barrie Spring Outdoor Flea Market - Pictures!

So Bill dropped one kid off at school and another off at daycare then sped north to the location of the Barrie Automotive Flea Market.  This thing is huge.  It must be rated the largest outdoor flea market in Ontario because it felt like I walked through 10 km of stuff.  Recent years have seen less automotive and more collectables and more completely random shit.  Always fun to dig through that much content.  Check out the pictures...I only bought three items, they are at the end.

A real, metal, Hylian shield! $100

Ric-O-Shot. I worked at place that had this in the back.  Me and a coworker spent most nights playing our modified version of Table Tennis on it

Cool decaying statue

Tires! And yet another shirtless dude.  There was a real shirtless dudes problem at this thing.

Music lamps??


Always Coke stuff around


Coleco Light gun and laser discs

Ohhh...old cameras!

Fancy rides


Game time

Toy tracters


Yep...Jet canopy.  They had two of em!


My favourite RV ever! Trillium, 13 footer, made in Canada

This so needs to be on my wall!

A close second to the Trillium: a Boler!

Purchase, the Holiday II 8mm film camera, with three lens, adjustable iris, multiple filters and a working light meter!

Purchase. No instructions

Purchase: Actually got this from one of the first vendors I hit.  I only knew that for all the years I had a Genesis I never had it nor did any of my friends, so it might be a wise pick up...

No instructions

Tiny scrape on the label.  Turns out this might be a valuable cart!  I feel terrible about the insane deal I got, I was just going on instinct!


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