Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Wacky TV I've Been Paid To Watch

Ok, Bill here, lets talk some television.  If you listen to our Start To Continue Podcast or follow us @STCPod on Twitter, you'd probably know I spend days....and nights toiling in the television industry.  In that time spent at a few different stations I've been subjected to my fair share of wacky, and to say the least, interesting programming.  So why not start a blog series exploring those shows and seeing if anyone else has fond memories of them?!

Let's start with one of the best of this TV Wack Pack!  This was on air when I first got into the biz and had a steady timeslot late into the night on Saturday and Sunday.  None other than Space Precinct 2040.

Space Precinct 2040 first aired

Monday, 29 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #38 - Talkin Joe Down With Dinosaurs and Soundtracks

  • Joe runs out of gas and chokes down 3 jumbos while trying to drive
  • Joe’s sure the plan is for him to have a stroke while doing these damn renos
  • Who needs sleep?
  • Thunderstorm makes Joe turn nightlight on
  • Bill tries to pull Joe away from the dark and back towards the light
  • Making jam and Bill’s conspiracy theory regarding strawberry picking
  • Bill’s box office fiasco while taking kids to Jurassic World
  • Bill takes kid to the Disney movie Inside Out
  • Excited about upcoming Charlie Brown movie and recalling the specials
  • Did anyone buy the RCA SelectaVision CED Video Disk Player
  • Some of our favorite movie soundtracks
  • Checking in with Bill’s Resident Evil 4 progress

Friday, 19 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #37 - Breast Pumping Your PS2 Skinny & Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • Bill complains about feeling like garbage but no one is listening
  • Joe falls asleep again going solo
  • STC goes Retro.Fandango that is
  • Bill’s playing The Cartridge Club’s Game of the Month Resident Evil 4
  • Bill gets skinny.on the PS2 Slim with RE4
  • Don't squeeze too hard when carrying your game system in a breast pump travel bag
  • Is wearing Gap sailor t-shirts uncool?
  • Joe comes close to buying some  video games but has to go to the bathroom instead
  • A listener has some constructive comments
  • #HotOrNot ; Bill won't tell Joe how hot his sister is
  • Penny Dreadful update
  • 1/2 of STC is up to date on show finales
  • Game of Thrones finale thoughts (non-spoiler)
  • Bill dissects why he hates sudden musical numbers in TV shows
  • Joe starts his 1st ever audiobook by listening to The Martian
  • Jurassic World goes prehistoric by breaking previous worldwide opening record
  • Shame on you Kevin Smith……Shame!…….Shame!……Shame!
  • Bill has 3 movie recommendations
  • Joe's going to check out Hardcore History podcast
  • Joe forced into watching finale of Married at First Sight
  • Joe watches Bullitt and we come up with our Top 5 movie car chases

Friday, 12 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #36 - A Very Angry 2015 Summer Movie Guide

  • Find out why Bill starts the show off angry
  • Why we can't have nice things
  • Bill's walkthrough at the Barrie Automotive Flea Market
  • Joe needs money
  • Major character announcement for Daredevil series
  • Degrassi series is saved at the last minute
  • The Reboot series gets rebooted
  • Joe dances solo while Bill has a technical issue
  • STCPod 2015 Summer Movie Guide

Friday, 5 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #35 - The Fallout From Kijiji & What You Get From Fleas


  • Joe is feeling clammy all over and got sick from his kids
  • Thanks to P1 from The Cartridge Club for his shout out
  • Bill complaints about Google Hangouts audio issues
  • Television Upfronts news (Muppets, Supergirl, Uncle Buck)
  • Joe refuses to use the notebooks Bill gave him because they're too nice
  • Bill's PS2 lot pickup from Kijiji
  • Why is buying from Kijiji people so frustrating?
  • Bill's playing Resident Evil 4 and his complaints of it
  • Bethesda's new Fallout 4 game
  • We recall playing Fallout 3, Bioshock, Silent Hill, Dragon Age Origins
  • How much does a N64 at Value Village cost?
  • Upcoming Suicide Squad thoughts
  • Bill get blown away by Big Trouble In Little China…Joe is blown away that Bill likes it
  • Disney cancels Tron 3 because of Tomorrowland "failure"
  • Joe recalls the original Tron movie and his two Intellivision Tron games Maze-A-Tron & Deadly Discs
  • Bill's off to the Automotive Flea Market
  • Joe picked up the comics Batman : Earth One (Volume 1 & 2)
  • Where we are pulling listeners in from  
Bill's PS2 Kijiji Pickups...he's shunned Playstation most of his life but is onboard now! What in your opinion are some good titles here? Let us know in the comments below!

STCPod Websitehttp://www.stcpod.com/ 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Barrie Spring Outdoor Flea Market - Pictures!

So Bill dropped one kid off at school and another off at daycare then sped north to the location of the Barrie Automotive Flea Market.  This thing is huge.  It must be rated the largest outdoor flea market in Ontario because it felt like I walked through 10 km of stuff.  Recent years have seen less automotive and more collectables and more completely random shit.  Always fun to dig through that much content.  Check out the pictures...I only bought three items, they are at the end.

A real, metal, Hylian shield! $100

Monday, 1 June 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #34 - Being Neighbours To Mars & Garage Spies

  • Joe tries milking himself ?!?!
  • Can anyone pull a Ron Jeremy?
  • Thanks to Retro Fandango for hosting us and our thoughts on everything that occurred
  • #MicMist
  • Who knew that Buried On Mars actually lived here on Earth next door to Bill?
  • Why Bill thinks people shouldn’t hang out in their garages & spy on him....
  • Joe Rogan podcast interview with Jordan Gilbert; best known for streaming his gameplay of Counter Strike : Global Offensive atwww.twitch.tv.n0thingTV
  • Swatting is becoming rampant!
  • Bill scores again at yardsale hunting!
  • Cartridge Club Game of the Month
  • Best wrestling video games
  • Bill loses his Nintendo DS stylus....multiple times
  • Bill hides him game systems otherwise he will be tempted to sell them