Thursday, 21 May 2015

Resident Evil 4 Recon and more!

Knowing June Cartridge Club game of the month will be Resident Evil 4, Bill took to his local retro video game store in Barrie, Ontario, to scout stock and marvel at the inflated prices!

First the ps2 selection. Next, here is Game Cube....


After this I couldn't help but grab some quick shots of other overpriced items and stealthily looked through the locked glass cabinet

Had to go super big here to get all the prices visible

And a couple odd ball consoles

The Game Wave...saw this at Value Village for $10. DVD based console where each player had thier own remote control

JVC XÉye $300.  The dust illustrates its price point well!

But also saw this on the window.  Perhaps some deals on games might be on the way!  In Waterloo its called a Swap, in Barrie its called an Exchange!

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