Saturday, 23 May 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #33 - No Eye Contact & Baba Booey Bill

                Why the hell won't Bill rub aloe on Joe’s back?
                Joe doesn’t like to make eye contact with Bill when doing the show
                Bill's impression of what Joe’s garage looks like
                What we both did on the long weekend
                Bill’s tells us why "normal people" shouldn’t take their shirts off outside
                Bill biggest yard sale day of the year and all his haul
                Bill pulls a Baba Booey by pissing off Chris Hardwick
                Shout out to Retro Nonsense's music video
                Finally....we find out what kind of farm Bill grew up on
                The time Joe played on a farm and hurt himself in front of girls
                Shows we’ve been catching up on


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Resident Evil 4 Recon and more!

Knowing June Cartridge Club game of the month will be Resident Evil 4, Bill took to his local retro video game store in Barrie, Ontario, to scout stock and marvel at the inflated prices!

First the ps2 selection. Next, here is Game Cube....

Saturday, 16 May 2015

START TO CONTINUE PODCAST #32 - Looking under Supergirl's cape

  • News on our Facebook: Don't use it!
  • Thank you segment Round2Gaming and CartridgeCanuck
  • Our latest Youtube video
  • Joe's history of his edumacation
  • Bill's farm life
  • Shows Joe is looking forward to this fall
  • Shows Bill is looking forward to this summer
  • Joe wants all the DC and Marvel TV shows in him now
  • Joe's balls update

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Record Collection Pt 2: The Beatles Canada only releases VINYL Capitol 6000 Series

Start To Continue Podcast presents Part 2 of the Record Collection  The Beatles Capitol 6000 Series Canada only vinyl.  This includes the first ever Beatles title to be released in North America.  Beatlemania With the Beatles, Twist and Shout, and Long Tall Sally.  We take a forensic look at each and decipher what clues lie within each label and matrix.

The Script:

Welcome to another Start To Continue video one shot on box... not really an unboxing or one shot though! This is part 2 of The Record Collection, moving through the Bs into what I have for The Beatles. There is just too many releases and reissues of the Beatles to just burn through what I have quickly, so we'll go slow and detail only a few at a time.  It starts with a group of releases specific to just Canada and I made an effort to collect all three. Capitol Records in Canada jumped into Beatlemania before the United States knew what was happening. It's thought news of Beatle music came to Canada first due to her close ties with the United Kingdom, whereas the US needed an Ed Sullivan appearance. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

START TO CONTINUE PODCAST #31 - From Video Game Grief To The Big Bang Theory

-          Yes Kevin….it’s Episode #31
-          Bill was late to the record because he was watching the HABS lose
-          We compare what each of us calls sports
-          Why does Joe get agitated when we interview other people?
-          We discuss how professional our recordings are and how we would like better equipment
-          We listened to Twitch & how we liked the live requesting of songs
-          Joe's two new video games; Diablo 3 & GOW Ascension; are they “Hack-N-Slash” games?
-          Bill visits Value Village, picks up a game and updates a past Village post
-          We discuss the horror of highschool band & what instruments we played
-          Joe visits 80’s Toy Expo & teases his pickups
-          Bill watches Atari documentary on NETFLIX
-          Bill’s thought on Daredevil & Joe’s on The Flash
-          We debate the Last Man On Earth show & comedy
-          Bill shout-outs in response to another Transformers shout out
-          All Bill does is promote & is pissed at being unfollowed on Twitter
-          The making of a new Indiana Jones movie & the studios choice of the possible main character
-          Is Chris Pratt in every new movie & is Anna Farris dead weight?
-          Why figure out why Bill hates Molly Ringwald movies
-          Why John Hughes is great & Uncle Buck Trivia
-          Big Bang Theory argument & who wins another Big Breakfast
-          Bill wheels and deals a DS purchase and has issues afterwards
-          Starfox thoughts & Atari Flashback 5 grief from the wife
-          Bill watches Banshee finale
-          Eva Green on Penny Dreadful is smoking hot
-          Bill is outraged at how outrageous the last Expendables movie was
-          Update on how to listen to our early episodes

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

80's Toy Expo Walkthrough Pics

It took me more time to organize and label these pics than I think I spent at the show.....nevertheless, I thought everyone would like to see a sampling of what was available at 80's Toy Expo that just went by here in Toronto.

Videos from inside the show available on our YouTube Channel

I'm mostly a Transformers collector, but I certainly was a child of the 80's so I definitely remember and appreciate everything they had here at this show. I was hoping for a little more video game action but I can't really complain with what I came away be seen in a later post..  Enjoy the trip down memory lane!