Friday, 17 April 2015

Start To Continue Podcast # 28 - Ocarinas and iRigs

-Cartridge Bros
-Joe never plays the wii
-Bill actually completes a video game
-A little hockey talk
-Back to Bill's game victory
-Bill is afraid of his 360
-Big Game Stop news
-Nintendo's Sega upcoming releases
-Guitar Hero news
-Multiplayer compaints and Joe's GTA5 cheat
-Joe gets an iRig2
-100 follower/sub un-contest!!
-We have a REAL website now!
-Motherf---er Mike's multiconsole setup
-Blade Runner news
-Star Wars trailer
-Joe doesn't like Guardians of the Galaxy?
-Furious 7 is furious at the Box Office
-Game of Thrones news, actual episode talk is 1:05:36 - 1:08:50
-Other HBO shows we love
-SyFy Channel news
-Exciting upcoming guests on STC, we just need to organize!

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