Friday, 3 April 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #26 - Wrestlemania vs Walking Dead

-Let’s get an update on Joe’s balls
-Do we have a dual hair challenge?
-Reminiscing about video stores and even Joe’s Blockbuster insider stories
-Victor Victoria was actually 1982
-Bill finally takes some time to deal hunt at Target and gets a kill
-Bill is still mad about WrestleMania 31
-Last Man on Earth/Vikings
-Age of Ultron update
-Is Mallrats 2 happening?
-Nathan Fillion and Con Man
-Another argument about what’s funny
-Comics talk Marvel Civil War and Star Wars
-Joe’s disassembled NES update
-More shoutouts…you know who
-Walking Dead finale talk until 1:22:30
-Ratings Book March 9-15

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