Thursday, 16 April 2015

Joe Visits Thrift Store Looking For Some Treasure

Okay, here's the scoop.  I was out to pick up a specific item for one of my hobbies (stay tuned for a video unboxing very soon) and I decided to take take a page out of my fellow co-hosts play book and hit up a Thrift store with the hopes of maybe stumbling across a video game or record, or whatever at a good price.

Here is what I came across.......

Here are three records that they had behind a glass book style display case.  I couldn't tell you what the price was for any of these, but I already know that if they took the time to put them behind glass, then they are already asking for too much to quantify getting these under the "that's a good deal" moniker.

Bill actually has this Beatles record for himself.

The Telegraph, May 27, 1941

I thought that these were cool, especially the one with the "Bismarck" title because that one is from a Saint John newspaper.

I took these pics mainly for Bill.  I'm into cameras but I need to specifically target where I spend my funds on and unfortunately vintage cameras are not on the table at this moment.

I really would have asked what everything in these pics cost but for some reason this Thrift store was really busy and I'm sure they couldn't even be bothered to get me the prices if I asked.

This store also has two other shelves with loose records on them, but unfortunately after wasting 20 minutes going them I found nothing of interest.  Just as I finished looking, some dirty piece of shit guy comes in and I'm sure that if I wasn't already standing to the side he would have bowled me over because he immediately starts to pull all the records off of the shelf and starts to go through them.

These picking TV shows that they have on everywhere has really screwed up the collecting process for those people looking to collect and not turn a profit on what they find.

If anyone has any interest, I was at the Thrift Store  located on Highway 2 in Pickering.

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