Tuesday, 7 April 2015

DIY! Creating a Pelican Case On The Cheap

The big question:  How do you take something like this:


And turn it into something like this...on the cheap?

The Pelican Case, a hardened and secure case to transport your delicate valuables while giving its owner peace of mind.  They are great and worth every penny.  I was wondering if I could make my own version of this using what I already had lying around.

Some time ago I found a repair case that was used to carry TV modules.  It is a really cool vintage case in great condition with working metal clasps and a strong retro vibe with the RCA branding.  It was discarded and destined for recycling when I saved it.  

I was thinking it would be amazing if I could use it to carry my recording gear, but how would it work without the gear rattling around inside?  I envisioned encapsulating the individual pieces in form fitting foam....like inside the high end gun case Bond received his PPK in Skyfall!  But how do you custom form fit something?  You don't!  Maybe you could carve away the foam one layer at a time while trying to carefully match your item...but that would never be perfect.  A compromise is needed.  Only straight cuts are possible.  So why not use the styrofoam that the gear was shipped in and mould that into the case?  

I found suitable foam from work that heavy equipment came in.  It was slick, firm and nonflaking.  Let the cutting begin.

First we fit the top...careful measuring and trimming.  Luckily the right depth was found in the middle of one of the pieces of foam.

Then bottom, with an extra hole cut to fit the styrofoam the microphone came in

That sucker ain't going nowhere!  But it is a bit too snug upon closing.  A layer needs to be removed from the top.

Add the headphone's case...

Nothing moves!

In all, very happy with how it all turned out and glad I finally have the mic and headphones in one convenient case to hit the road with.

What do you think?  Is there a better way to sculpt foam to form fit things?  Let us know your thoughts below and thanks for checking in!



  1. Lookin' good, Bill!

    I had a friend that used that hard foam type stuff used to upholster furniture on a project. She used an electric carving knife to cut into it. Looks like you have a good idea there, I'd stick with that.

    1. Thanks, it'll do! I wish the pieces could be loose, floating in perfectly form fitting channels though...

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