Saturday, 28 March 2015

Start To Continue Podcast #25 – Buried Up To Our Necks In Mars

-For the very first time we welcome a guest on Start To Continue Podcast
-Kevin, from Buried On Mars and Retro Fandango!
-Clearly not used to having guests!
-Kevin explains ‘Hack and Slash’ and his future release schedule
-History of Buried On Mars and the support of Sarca Sim
-That time Kevin joined the Cartridge Club
-A meeting with Ram Vox and the birth of the Fandango
-Kevin mentions an STCPod blog article featuring The Record Collection
-Kevin explains YouTube views,  monetization and reveals how many dump trucks of cash Google has sent him
-Joe finds out details of Kevin’s video game rooms.
-Waterloo Game Swap, cost of collecting and how the community helps
-Walking Dead talk (98% spoiler free)
-Game of Thrones talk (99% spoiler free)
-Ratings book for Canadian broadcasters March 1-7 2015
-Kevin’s advice on Joe’s torn apart NES

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