Sunday, 15 March 2015

Start To Continue # 23 – Bill and Joe and a Double Ender

-Our first recording not in the same room. Quasi Double Ender using Google Hangouts
-Joe settles into his golf announcer voice for the whole show, this will be dealt with on the next episode!
-Howard Stern discussion including rumours, staff changes, video options, using as a source
-Another Big Breakfast on the line, Who is Scott Depace?
-Join STCPod at the Toronto Marc Maron late show Apr 19
-@NormMacdonald is an amazing Twitter to follow
-Joe goes rogue on @STCPod’s Twitter
-Joe pulles apart his NES
-Bill gushes over Youtuber NESRomancer
-Walking Dead catch up (SKIP TO 58:00 TO AVOID SPOILERS)
-Canadian TV Ratings for Feb 23-Mar 1 2015
-Bill likes Battle Creek, incorrectly named Fincher as the director, was actually Bryan Singer.  Lead star, the other Olyphant, Josh Duhamel upcoming projects

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